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Relay Environment Provider#

In order to render Relay components, you need to render a RelayEnvironmentProvider component at the root of the app:

// App root
const {RelayEnvironmentProvider} = require('react-relay');
const Environment = require('MyEnvironment');
function Root() {
return (
<RelayEnvironmentProvider environment={Environment}>
{/*... */}
  • The RelayEnvironmentProvider takes an environment, which it will make available to all descendant Relay components, and which is necessary for Relay to function.

Accessing the Relay Environment#

If you want to access the current Relay Environment within a descendant of a RelayEnvironmentProvider component, you can use the useRelayEnvironment Hook:

const {useRelayEnvironment} = require('react-relay');
function UserComponent(props: Props) {
const environment = useRelayEnvironment();
return (...);

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