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Version: v16.0.0

Upgrading to Relay Hooks

Relay Hooks is a set of new Hooks-based APIs for using Relay with React that improves upon the existing container-based APIs.

In this we will cover how to start using Relay Hooks, what you need to know about compatibility, and how to migrate existing container-based code to Hooks if you choose to do so. However, note that migrating existing code to Relay Hooks is not required, and container-based code will continue to work.

Accessing Relay Hooks

Make sure the latest versions of React and Relay are installed, and that you’ve followed additional setup in our Installation & Setup guide:

yarn add react react-dom react-relay

Then, you can import Relay Hooks from the react-relay module, or if you only want to include Relay Hooks in your bundle, you can import them from react-relay/hooks:

import {graphql, useFragment} from 'react-relay'; // or 'react-relay/hooks'

// ...

Next Steps

Check out the following guides in this section:

For more documentation on the APIs themselves, check out our API Reference or our Guided Tour.