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Version: v1.6.2

Migration Setup


Follow the installation instructions from the Installation and Setup guide.

Set up babel-plugin-relay for Relay Classic#

With some additional configuration, the "relay" babel plugin can also translate Relay Classic Relay.QL literals. Most importantly, include a reference to your GraphQL Schema as either a json file or graphql schema file.

{  "plugins": [    ["relay", {"schema": "path/schema.graphql"}]  ]}

Set up babel-plugin-relay for "compatibility mode"#

When incrementally converting a Relay Classic app to Relay Modern, graphql literals can be translated to be usable by both runtimes if configured to use compatibility mode:

{  "plugins": [    ["relay", {"compat": true, "schema": "path/schema.graphql"}]  ]}

Additional Options#

The Relay Classic and Relay Compat modes produce generated content inline and may catch and log any detected GraphQL validation errors, leaving those errors to be thrown at runtime.

When compiling code for production deployment, the plugin can be configured to immediately throw upon encountering a validation problem. The plugin can be further customized for different environments with the following options:

{  "plugins": [    ["relay", {      "compat": true,      "schema": "path/schema.graphql",    }]  ]}