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Version: v13.0.0



Hook used to make it easy to safely work with EntryPoints, while avoiding data leaking into the Relay store. It will keep an EntryPoint reference in state, and dispose of it when it is no longer accessible via state.

const {useEntryPointLoader, EntryPointContainer} = require('react-relay');

const ComponentEntryPoint = require('Component.entrypoint');

function EntryPointRevealer(): React.MixedElement {
const environmentProvider = useMyEnvironmentProvider();
const [
] = useEntryPointLoader(environmentProvider, ComponentEntryPoint);

return (
entryPointReference == null && (
<Button onClick={() => loadEntryPoint({})}>
Click to reveal the contents of the EntryPoint
entryPointReference != null && (
<Button onClick={disposeEntryPoint}>
Click to hide and dispose the EntryPoint.
<Suspense fallback="Loading...">


  • environmentProvider: an object with a getEnvironment method that returns a relay environment.
  • EntryPoint: the EntryPoint, usually acquired by importing a .entrypoint.js file.

Flow Type Parameters

  • TEntryPointParams: the type of the first argument to the getPreloadProps method of the EntryPoint.
  • TPreloadedQueries: the type of the queries prop passed to the EntryPoint component.
  • TPreloadedEntryPoints: the type of the entryPoints prop passed to the EntryPoint component.
  • TRuntimeProps: the type of the props prop passed to EntryPointContainer. This object is passed down to the EntryPoint component, also as props.
  • TExtraProps: if an EntryPoint's getPreloadProps method returns an object with an extraProps property, those extra props will be passed to the EntryPoint component as extraProps and have type TExtraProps.
  • TEntryPointComponent: the type of the EntryPoint component.
  • TEntryPoint: the type of the EntryPoint.

Return value

A tuple containing the following values:

  • entryPointReference: the EntryPoint reference, or null.
  • loadEntryPoint: a callback that, when executed, will load an EntryPoint, which will be accessible as entryPointReference. If a previous EntryPoint was loaded, it will dispose of it. It may throw an error if called during React's render phase.
    • Parameters
      • params: TEntryPointParams: the params passed to the EntryPoint's getPreloadProps method.
  • disposeEntryPoint: a callback that, when executed, will set entryPointReference to null and call .dispose() on it. It has type () => void. It should not be called during React's render phase.


  • When the loadEntryPoint callback is called, each of an EntryPoint's associated queries (if it has any) will load their query data and query AST. Once both the query AST and the data are available, the data will be written to the store. This differs from the behavior of prepareEntryPoint_DEPRECATED, which would only write the data from an associated query to the store when that query was rendered with usePreloadedQuery.
  • The EntryPoint reference's associated query references will be retained by the Relay store, preventing it the data from being garbage collected. Once you call .dispose() on the EntryPoint reference, the data from the associated queries is liable to be garbage collected.
  • The loadEntryPoint callback may throw an error if it is called during React's render phase.

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