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Version: v9.0.0


You can use the fetchQuery function to imperatively make GraphQL Requests. This is useful for cases where you want to make requests outside of React but still utilize the Relay store and network layer.

import {fetchQuery, graphql} from 'relay-runtime';

const query = graphql`
query ExampleQuery($pageID: ID!) {
page(id: $pageID) {

const variables = {
pageID: '110798995619330',

fetchQuery(environment, query, variables)
.then(data => {
// access the graphql response


  • environment: The Relay Environment
  • query: The graphql tagged query. Note: relay-compiler enforces the query to be named as <FileName>Query.
  • variables: Object containing set of variables to pass to the GraphQL query, i.e. a mapping from variable name to value.
  • cacheConfig?: Optional object containing a set of cache configuration options, i.e. force: true requires the fetch to be issued regardless of the state of any configured response cache. See the types for more cacheConfig options.

Return Value

The function returns a Promise that resolves with an object containing data obtained from the query.