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Version: v6.0.0

Community Learning Resources

Relay Modern Learning Blog Posts Thread on Twitter#

Relay examples - common patterns explained via code and videos#


Relay Modern: What is a fragment?#

Basic explanation of what is a fragment and what it is used for

Relay Modern anti-pattern#

What you should avoid doing when using Relay concepts

Relay Modern is just getting better#

Some insights of how Relay Modern has improved a lot since Relay Classic

Relay Modern: @argumentDefinitions#

How to use @argumentsDefinitions to define local variables to your fragments

Relay Modern: How to paginate using a Refetch Container#

You can use a refetch container to paginate as well, just use renderVariables correctly

Relay Store

Relay Modern: the Relay Store#

How Relay Modern stores your data

Relay Modern: Deep Dive of Updater Relay Store function#

How to update your store properly after a mutation or subscription

Relay Modern: Optimistic Update#

How to update your UI before server responds.

Relay Modern: Local State Management, part 1#

How to create a controlled input using Relay.

Relay Modern: Local State Management, part 2#

How to manage global state and localStorage persistence on the client, using Relay.

Relay Modern: Local State Management, part 3#

Using LocalQueryRenderer and local state to manage nested fragments.

Network Layer

Relay Modern: Network Deep Dive#

How to incrementally improve your network layer to manage complex data fetching requirements


Relay Modern with TypeScript#

How to configure Relay Modern to make it with TypeScript